Deliveries are made Monday to Friday, from 9AM to 5PM.

*Please note that:

- you will be contacted by the courier over the phone to establish the date and hour for delivery;
- you are responsible for the correctness of the contact details including delivery address;
- the shipping address cannot be changed after the order has been dispatched;
- you are responsible for ensuring that items you order can be delivered to your property, with safe and reasonable access from the public road to the place of delivery.
You can check the order status anytime after it's placed. Tracking information will also be emailed to you when the order is dispatched.


The buyer is requested to pick up personally from the courier the product that is being delivered.
If the order will be picked up by a different person (not by the buyer), please mention this before delivery with the name of the person.

At the time of the product delivery and before accepting the parcel from the courier, the buyer is requested to open the package and check the product in front of the courier. If the product was damaged in shipping, the buyer must request the courier a delivery report (good condition protocol) of the damage/s and to not accept the package; the delivery report must be signed by the courier and the buyer must keep a copy of it. TUMONT Car Parts will not accept subsequent complaints without the official record of the damage/s.


Shipping to Baltics (Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania)

We ship only to these countries indicated in the table:

Country Code Estimated Delivery Time (Days)
PL 3-4
DE 4
CZ 4
HU 5
BE 4
DK 4
NL 4
LU 4
HR 4
SK 4
AT 4
FR 5-6
IT 5
SI 5
RO 5-6
ES* 5-8
BG 5-6
PT* 6
IE 5-6
SE 5
GR 6-8


*We are not Shipping to these Post Codes:

Country code Post Code
ES  07; 35; 38.
PT 90; 95.