Roll Bar, Stainless steel, 1 and a half leg, with protective grille guard, Toyota Hilux 2016+

Tessera4x4Kodas:RB 406 INOX + APS 095 INOX

Pardavimo kaina€630
Yra Sandėlyje


Functionality for your Toyota Hilux

Suitable for

Toyota Hilux (Revo) 2016+ double cab


Stainless steel one and a half leg roll bar, made from pipe Ø65mm, detached for perfect adaption, according to the dimensions of each truck’s coach.

Stainless steel grille guard, made from pipe Ø33mm, with new reinforced aluminum hooks in the upper and lower side, it doesn’t affect visibility, by providing at the same time the ability to clean effectively the rear window and mostly keeps the necessary standards to protect the passengers in case they come in contact (0% sharp).

Another 4x4 product that complements the already successful range of 4x4 off road accessories of the company Tessera4x4.

Package contains

1x Roll bar with mounting set


Fits to vehicle shape.

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